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Steele's Markets


Consumer Markets
Steele's immediate market area (an area within a 500 mile radius of Steele) covers all or part of 23 states.  These states include approximately:


  • 44% of total U.S. population (107 million people)

  • 44% of total U.S. households (39 million households)

  • 41% of total U.S. effective buying income (all personal income after taxes)

  • 41% of total U.S. personal income ($1.3 trillion)

  • 42% of total U.S. retail sales ($600 billion annually for retail merchandise)

  • 46% of total U.S. wholesale trade (over $900 billion in sales)

  • 40% of total U.S. service industries (over 500,000 establishments)

  • 47% of total U.S. manufacturing establishments (over 62,000 plants)

Industrial Markets
A considerable amount of industrial activity is concentrated in the Midwest.  Within the 23-state market area surrounding Steele, are approximately 47 percent of all manufacturing establishments, 46 percent of all manufacturing employment, and 52 percent of all manufacturing shipments.

  • 53% of all U.S. chemical manufacturers
  • 47% of all U.S. manufacturers of food and kindred products

  • 41% of all U.S. printing and publishing establishments

Wholesale and Retail Markets
Consider these marketing possibilities - approximately 46 percent of all wholesale trade and 43 percent of all retail sales occur within the 23-state region surrounding Steele.  Establishments in nearly every major industrial classification are highly concentrated in the 23-state area anchored by Steele.  For example, the following wholesale establishments are found within this area:

  • 45% of all U.S. lumber and other construction materials

  • 52% of all U.S. chemicals and allied products

  • 47% of all U.S. motor vehicle parts and supplies

  • 41% of all U.S. paper and paper products

  • 50% of all U.S. machinery, equipment, and supplies

  • 74% of all U.S. farm-product raw materials

  • 40% of all U.S. electrical goods

The retail establishments located within a 500-mile radius of Steele include: 

  • 44% of all U.S. food Stores

  • 43% of all U.S. eating and drinking places

  • 49% of all U.S. general merchandise stores

  • 43% of all U.S. furniture, home furnishings, and equipment stores

  • 47% of all U.S. drug and proprietary stores

  • 49% of all U.S. automotive dealers

  • 49% of all U.S. building materials, hardware, etc. stores

  • 44% of all U.S. apparel and accessories stores


Steele's Logistics + Strategic Location =
Profits and Satisfaction


Steele's 1990 population was: 2395
Steele is served by: Burlington Northern Railroad
Steele is: 4 miles from Interstate 55
Steele is: 80 miles from Memphis, Tennessee - Nearest commercial airline service
Steele is: 7 miles from barge access on the Mississippi River
Steele's water system is: Served by a ground well 800,000 gpd capacity - average consumption 300,000 gpd - peak consumption 450,000 gpd - storage capacity 175,000 gallons
Steele's sanitary sewer system has a capacity of: 800,000 gpd - present load 300,000 gpd
Steele's electricity is supplied by: Ameren UE
Steele's Natural Gas is supplied by: United Cities Gas

Steele's Airport Industrial Park Has Utilities:
10 inch water main - City of Steele
7200 volts single phase - Ameren UE
3 inch gas line - United Cities Gas


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